How To Not Get Killed on a Solo Trip Abroad



Traveling alone in your home country can be scary. Traveling alone in a foreign country can be even scarier. There’s a lot of crazy stuff out there like ISIS and human traffickers so it is okay to be a little hesitant. Most peoples’ problems are the possibility of dying. That’s honestly all I hear from my parents. “It’s not safe.” “You’re all alone.” “Someone is going to harm you.” But c’mon guys, let’s get real for a sec. I could literally walk outside my front door and a plane could fall out of the sky and smash me. Okay, maybe that’s a reach but it could still happen. Anything bad can happen to you at any point and time so you might as well take a chance out there and see the world while your heart’s still beating. If you’re still not sure then don’t worry I got you. Here are some tips on how to stay safe when you travel abroad.

1.) STRANGER DANGER – Our parents did not waste their breath while shoving that important phrase down our throats. You simply cannot trust everyone you meet. As a tourist you’re every bad guy’s main target so you have to watch out for anybody who approaches you. I totally get it. Accents are enticing. Sometimes you can hear a sexy accent and all common sense just flies out the window. Be smart, don’t be fooled by Pablo Fettuccine Alfredo over there trying to swoon you into the Italian sunset. It’s a trap.

2.) PEPPER SPRAY IS EVERYTHING. PEPPER SPRAY IS LIFE – Pepper spray is your friend. If you’re walking alone at night or in the daytime with nobody around you then hold on to it tight. If someone tries to mug you then you’re prepared. A couple of chh chhs and you’re set to give the baddest beat down of your life or if you’re like me you’ll be set to break Usain Bolt’s record because my you-know-what would be gone.                                             **Make note that some clubs abroad may confiscate your pepper spray because it is sometimes considered a weapon by some establishments. Call ahead to make sure!

3.) TAKE PRECAUTIONS – Look at IDs. Take pictures of every freaking thing. I’m talking license plates, street signs. Building names. Everything. Send the pictures to your family or friends to be used for future evidence if a situation goes down. Hell, let the person involved know. Let them know that you’re not messing around. This is your life. If they have a problem with it then abort abort abort! Don’t be ashamed to be like “Hey I’ve seen the movie “Taken.” I’m just trying to make safe choices. Nothing personal, you seem like cool people but I’m not about to be sliced up and if I am about to be sliced up then just know that you’re about to be prime suspect number one.”

*This goes without saying but make sure your phone is charged and you always have cash on you in case of an emergency. You never know what could happen.

Okay guys so those were some tips that I think can help you on your travels. For more stories and tips, you can watch my video  on the subject! I hope you enjoyed my advice.

Happy Traveling,

Ariel ✈️💕


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