4 More Ways to Save up for Traveling

I’m back again with some more tips on how to save money for traveling. If you haven’t read my last 4 tips then make sure you do so! Let’s get into it!

1.) DONATE PLASMA – I happen to have some personal experience with this; as do a lot of college students and well…drug addicts. Not that I am a drug addict. I’m just sayin’. I am personally not a fan of the process though. It just takes too long in my opinion and ya girl has things to do so I haven’t donated plasma in a long time. For those who don’t know, you know how you smear blood on your skin and there’s like this thin orange liquid around the blood? That’s plasma. That may have been a poor description but you know what? Google is at your finger tips. Haha! The process works like this: A phlebotomist will stick your arm with a needle that is connected to a machine; the machine pumps out your blood, separates the plasma from your blood and then returns your blood back to your body. I know. Trippy. People get sick during the process if they don’t drink enough water and/or eat a good meal. The pay for each donation depends on your weight and your location. Near me, it is $50 for the first two donations and then $15  and $20 for the next donations after in the same week for my weight class (I’m 124ish lbs). You can only donate twice a week, because your body can only take so much. In all, it’s a really simple way to earn money. You just sit in a chair, relax and hope to not pass out afterwards.

2.) Start a GoFundMe – I’m sure you’ve seen these floating around on social media. Never be afraid to ask people for help if you want to accomplish a goal. The worse that could happen when asking someone for help is that they say no. Okay? Well move on. You never know who will be willing to support you unless you put yourself out there and see what acts of kindness may come your way. Go to  GoFundMe to set up your campaign and see what happens!

3.) 52 Week Money Challenge

photo cred

It’s pretty self explanatory. $1,378 is a good chunk of change for traveling.

4.) Odd Jobs – There are always going to be little odd jobs out there that you can do. Craigslist has a bunch listed under the “Gigs” section ranging from bringing your truck to pick up and transport heavy stuff to painting walls to walking someone’s dog. Care.com is also a good website where you can find babysitting and animal-watching related gigs as well as housekeeping gigs. Your options are pretty unlimited. People are always going to need help when they are unable to, don’t have time or just don’t have the resources.

That’s all the tips I have this time. Stay tuned for my next post.


Happy Traveling,

Ariel ✈️💕


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