✈THROWBACK TRIP: Colorado Bend State Park✈

Hello friends! I have decided to start writing up blog posts of past trips that I have taken and cleverly label them as THROWBACK TRIPS. I know. I’m original. Last January, I asked my friend, Abdul, to accompany me on a spontaneous trip to Colorado Bend State Park in Bend, Texas. It was a HUGE park with a beautiful waterfall. We went for a few hours in the afternoon but it’s definitely a park where you would need the whole day or weekend to see and enjoy it all. I’m basically just going to tell you the whole experience so here we go~

Coming from San Marcos, Texas you have to travel north towards Austin and make your way to the Lampasas area. It was a while ago, but I remember ending up in the boondocks. I vaguely remember an Ostrich farm on the way. Or maybe it was just one ostrich…? Anyways, it wasn’t terribly difficult getting to the entrance, but you have to make sure to go to the visitor’s center to pay for admission. If you just go without paying and start hiking, then I think you get a fine or something because you have to put a ticket on your dashboard as proof that you paid. At the visitor’s center there are souvenirs you can buy like walking sticks and such; which I think is kind of dumb, because we found big sticks everywhere while we were walking for FREEEEEE, but whatever floats your boat. If you plan on camping at the park, there are things you can purchase like stuff for fires and other camping goods. It was really cold the day we went so we had made no plans to camp and, like I said, the trip was spontaneous. We got our ticket, drove to one of the openings of the park and started our hike.

I had mentioned sticks earlier and you will see me and Abdul having fun with some in the slideshow above and vlog down below. We were true hikers we were. I don’t remember the distance but I think it was like a mile and a half walk to Gordan Falls. It was a pretty easy hike most of the way. You aren’t allowed to go down to the waterfall because they don’t want people to mess up the greenery down there. You know how some humans are. We just can’t have nice things. There aren’t many waterfalls in Texas so it was a nice treat to see. Oh! I should mention the area around the waterfall is STEEP. I’m talking, one slip, you’re done-zo, steep. Abdul had to help me on the way back up because I’m clumsy and dying was not on my to-do list that day.

So that’s basically it. It was a fun and basic hiking trip. It looked like a fun place to camp at so maybe I’ll make my way back one day. Don’t forget to watch the video below to see the trip in action!

Happy Traveling,

Ariel ✈️💕


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