Now’s The Time…

Hello friends! So I have some very exciting news to share. I am moving to Asia next summer to teach English abroad. This has been on my list of goals for a long time so I’m super stoked to officially announce it. Asia is the best country to teach English in money-wise. You have a strong ability to save there rather than you would if you taught in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. The trouble I’m having at the moment is deciding on which Asian country I would like to start out in. Maybe you can help me decide. My top 3 choices are South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Each of these 3 countries have their pros and cons like all countries do so I’m going to list them out and hopefully it will give me a visual of the benefits and make my decision more easier. For this post I’m going to do South Korea.





-It has a government-designed program (EPIK) so it’s a pretty legit set up and you don’t have to worry about sketchy employers. The government takes the hiring process very seriously.

-Your school pays for your apartment. The only thing you pay is utilities. That can save you a pretty penny.

-South Korea has the most modern cities out of my 3 choices. Hello?? The fastest wifi in the world!! What?!

-It has more choices for western food.

-More natives speak English here than my other choices.

-K-Pop! I’m personally a fan of K-pop. It’s such fun music to sing along to. (Yes, I sing along to the Korean lyrics. Haha) Living here I could go to concerts, celebrity fan meetings, and just be surrounded by the music. Sounds like a good time to me!



-You can request the city where you would like to be placed but there is no guarantee that you will be placed there. You may end up in a more rural area. It’s all done at random.

-You have no choice over your apartment (unless you choose the stipend option ($350 a month I believe) but the deposits over there are in the thousands so that option is crazy expensive) and from what I’ve seen, some people get lucky with a nice sized studio apartment, but most others will get a shoebox-sized studio apartment.

-The showers in the bathroom are usually open (unless you get lucky) so when you take a shower, everything in your bathroom will get wet. There is no curtain or door, so your toilet and beauty products all get covered in water.

-This is a biggie for me. The EPIK program doesn’t allow you to bring pets with you. I have a 3 year-old pup named Oliver and he’s my little companion so he has to go with me wherever I go. The thing around this is I can just not teach through EPIK and just find an academy to work for where they have no control over that.


So those were my pros and cons for moving to South Korea. I have done extensive research so that’s how I gathered all this information. Please correct me if I am wrong though. If you personally have any pros or cons to add to the list then please comment below. I’ll see you in my next blog post where I’ll list the pros and cons of moving to Vietnam.

Happy Traveling,

Ariel ✈️💕


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