It’s Time to Get Wicked😈

Hello friends! For those who do not know, I am a really big fan of raving. There’s just something about being under all those lights and getting lost in the music with like-minded people. It’s one of my favorite hobbies even though I don’t go to EDM events as much I would like. Ya girl has bills to pay. Haha. Last weekend I attended Day 1 of Something Wicked Festival in Houston, Texas. It’s a festival that’s held at the Sam Houston Racetrack every year around Halloween. It’s a lot of fun, because most people put on a costume and really get into the holiday spirit. This was my 3rd time attending this event. It would have been my 4th but the festival was cancelled last year because of dangerous weather. I am going to describe my day to you guys from start to finish. Make sure to watch my recap video of the festival below and please tell me what you think in the comment section!

Sooo let’s fast-forward to me in my car dressed up in my cute unicorn costume. I arrive at the racetrack around 3:20pm-ish and pay the $20(JEEZUS CRYSSSSTTT) PARKING fee. They know good and well that $5-$10 would have sufficed. I park and make my way to the entrance. I get my 1-Day wristband and strut into the magical land of excitement with my fanny pack strapped tight. Even though I just arrived I thought I would get a drink to help loosen me up. I’m glad I went when I did because turns out they didn’t accept cards and I lucked out with the ATM line being short. A few hours later that line was at least 50 people deep and 3 outta 6 ATMs were broken. I get about $40 out with an added loss of a $5 convenience fee(you’re killing me Wicked). I ended up only getting two drinks at the festival because each cocktail was $12 and the alcohol was nonexistent so they had me spending $24 on some tiny cups of orange juice. They could have atleast made them stronger. Geez. I wasn’t trying to get drunk but ya girl wanted to feel SOMETHING.

Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 7.57.22 PM.png
I’m a unicorn~

There are three stages to choose from. The main stage, the trance stage, and the bass stage. I tend to gravitate towards the bass stage because…I can’t help it; I’m a sucker for that bass. It makes me feel some type of way. Usually I have a plan of attack but this time I don’t really have a preference on what DJ I would like to see. I headed on over to the main stage, feel out the DJ and get some footage on my GoPro. I moved on to the trance stage and tested the waters. Ehh. After leaving that stage I run into some classmates and have a nice talk. We parted ways and I headed to the bass stage. I did a little head bopping and went on my way. This repeats for the next few hours until the biggest acts came out around 9ish. In the meantime, I ate some cheeseburger fryders (little cheeseburgers with waffle fries as buns) that I get every year because they are delicious and I love them. I also got a bunch of footage that, again, you can watch in the video below. I rested a bit and just listened to the music.

Cheeseburger Fryders

When 9pm came around I positioned myself in the front of the main stage. There was a lot of space where I was. I think people thought it was packed in my area so they just piled up in the back. It was a pretty sweet spot I would say. I thought it was a sign to just spend the rest of the night at the main stage. {Marshmello, I’m sorry I had to miss your set. Hopefully I’ll see you up here in a couple of weeks. I’m finding it hard to find tickets to your sold out show but love will find a way~} I ended up seeing 3LAU, JAUZ, and DIPLO. They were all pretty good. I have no complaints about my choice. A-Trak came and joined Diplo and I think Audien joined 3LAU, but it may have been JAUZ. Somebody fact-check me! DIPLO came through that night for sure. There was one section of his set where he played all the classic hip-hop jams and I was. Living. For. It. We were all beyond hyped. But he killed that hype when he played his Justin Bieber collaboration songs. Bieber’s voice is just not pleasant to my ears. It doesn’t sound as mature as I would like it to. I hate to sound like a hater but I just can’t hang with his music. J. Biebz aside, it was a pretty solid set in my opinion.

Oh I forgot to mention, by like 6 o’clock I was ready to rest on my deathbed. The dirt this year was HORRIBLE. I was suffocating. My feet were also in pain, but that’s normal and always happens to me. But that plus the suffocating was almost too much to bear. I spent $104 on a ticket though so best believe I pushed through the pain. When Day 1 was over, I was limping back to my car. I was both happy and dead inside, but it was a great festival. I’m glad I didn’t purchase a 2-Day wristband because the next morning I had a massive cold from the dirt that entered my body the previous day.

So that’s the end of that story. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you think in the comments and click the video below to see the magic for yourself.

Happy Traveling,

Ariel ✈️💕


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